Quantum (Uni)Verse
by Pat Bertram

Quantum (Uni)Verse #28

all the fun in the world
can never be compared
to the happiness found
in a moment of laughter shared

Quantum (Uni)Verse #27

thoughts of endlessness
     are less frightening
           since you

Quantum (Uni)Verse #26

In his love
I found gladness
And a splendid me.
Then with this thought
Came sadness:
But I'm not she.

Quantum (Uni)Verse #25

How can you feel joy
When I'm feeling so much sorrow?
Could it be
You're thinking of today
While I'm thinking of tomorrow?

Quantum (Uni)Verse #24

I'm holding you in my thoughts,
Arms around a body I can almost feel.
Our hearts are beating as one,
And I cannot tell which of us is real.

Quantum (Uni)Verse #23

They came together
In the night.
"Sin! Sin!"
The people cried.
Nay, people,
How can you be so blind?
That was no sin
--But a prayer

Quantum (Uni)Verse #22

a person who is becoming
is eternally beautiful

Quantum (Uni)Verse #21

I loved you
you love me
and we lived happily ever after
for a while
until we
that love was fairy tale stuff
and fairy tales
never enough

Quantum (Uni)verse #20

sometimes I feel
the fleeting touch of your fingers
upon my soul
and then I know
we've spanned our loneliness
and this is love

Quantum (Uni)Verse #19

i want to tell you I love you
      but my heart gets all tongue-tied
              and the words just can't get through . . .

Quantum (Uni)Verse #18

of course
I want more
much much more
but even if I never saw you again
I'd still be content
with all that I've had
with everything you've given me

Quantum (Uni)Verse #17

The clock struck . . .
And in those few brief breaths
Before the last chime faded aswy
I lived a thousand years
And died at least a hundred deaths

Quantum (Uni)Verse #16

I think there once must have been
a book called love
but we've lost it
along with the fine art of reading
and all we have left
is the movie version

Quantum (Uni)Verse #15

when the snow is melting and the creek is rushing strong and fast and
a waterfall
                 born . . .

Quantum (Uni)Verse #14

a thought
is not
a single
and static
but a continuous figuration without beginning or end

what we perceive
is a mere particle
momentarily stilled

Quantum (Uni)Verse #13

i've found the rhythm of my life
but still the melody eludes me
and i don't know what the song is all about

Quantum (Uni)Verse #12

does eternity have a past
and will it have a future
or is there only a presence

Quantum (Uni)Verse #11

we've let our minds and souls
become so encrusted with triviality
that we've completely lost sight
of any greater reality --

Quantum (Uni)Verse #10

we thought our love would last
a thousand thousand years
but we were too young
and all we had to offer each other
were our loneliness and our fears

Quantum (Uni)Verse #9

in the farthest reaches of Silence
where no one ever goes
Hope and Promise come to flower
and Expectation grows

Quantum (Uni)Verse #8

i don't know
what love is
or who you are
or, for that matter,
who i am
so, even though i want to
how can i ever say
i love you

Quantum (Uni)Verse #7

He was too realistic to believe in dreams
And too much of a visionary to accept reality
And this was his eternal hope
And his everlasting despair . . .

Quantum (Uni)Verse #6

If I should catch a chill
From running in the rain
At least I would know
It hadn't been in vain

Quantum Uni(Verse) #5

ours was no great love
but even so
whenever our eyes chanced to meet
we shared a sudden joy

Quantum (Uni)Verse #4

I'm just a beachcomber
gathering intriguing fragments
from cosmic sands

Quantum (Uni)Verse #3

I am alone in my universe
As you are alone in yours . . .

And when I hold you in my arms
I can sometimes touch your happiness
But your grief is light years away

Quantum (Uni)Verse #2

thoughts of you
echo through my mind
like snatches of a favorite song

Quantum (Uni)Verse #1

             First Love

I thought it was only a story
But now I find it's true --
You smile at me and I'm happy;
You ignore me and I'm blue.